1. 3D Modeling

I use VR design tools like Gravity Sketch or Tiltbrush to model 3D assets like avatars, avatar attachments or virtual environments.


3D Modeling: XaoS’ Blockchain Collection, High Fidelity, 2018

2. Virtual Reality Video Production

Using HTC Vive trackers for full body tracking, I produce movies, VLogs and livestreams in virtual reality.


Short Film: The Purple Pill, High Fidelity, 2017

VLog: XaoS’ VR LOG, High Fidelity, 2017

Livestream: XaoS tours the Metaverse, Sansar, 2019

Presentation Video: Tivoli Cloud VR at VRDAYS Amsterdam, 2020

VR Video Production: “IRMA” in the interactive movie The Killer Call, 2020

3. Social VR Entertainment

I host and participate in social VR entertainment events.


Social VR Entertainment – Host: The Last Avatar Standing Show, High Fidelity, 2018

Social VR Entertainment – Contestant: VR Talent Show, High Fidelity, 2017

Social VR Entertainment – Portrait: Fashion Forward – VR Clothing Design, High Fidelity, 2017

Social VR Entertainment – Portrait: XR Creators Meetup “Pioneers” #6, Zen Republic, 2021

4. Social VR Event Production

I produce social VR events on a variety of platforms.


Lockdown Dance Party on High Fidelity, 2020

Early Access Excess on Tivoli Cloud VR, 2020

WebXR Awards Watch Party on Tivoli Cloud VR, 2021

XR Bavaria Watch Party on ENGAGE, 2020

XR Bavaria Watch Party on Mozilla Hubs, 2020

Landshut Shortfilm Festival Viewing Party on Mozilla Hubs, 2021

Virtual Germany #1 – #4
on ENGAGE, Altspace, Mozill
a Hubs, NEOS & Tivoli Cloud VR, 2020-21

HiFiBurn on High Fidelity, 2018

5. Custom VR Experience Production

I produce custom VR experiences for real life events.


Custom VR Experience: Video Greetings from VR, Landshut Short Film Festival, 2019

Custom VR Experience: Social VR Panel Talk, Zuendfunk Net Congress Munich, 2017

6. Conference Speaker

I give talks at various conferences and host lectures on social VR.


AWE, 2021
SXSW, 2021
Virtual Germany, 2020/21
XR Bavaria, 2020/21
Virtual Reality Day, 2020
VRDAYS Amsterdam, 2020
Zuendfunk Net Congress Munich, 2017

Panelist: Educators in VR, Altspace, 2021

7. Combining Technologies

I love to combine virtual reality with different emerging technologies
like brain-computer interfaces or artificial intelligence.


Experience Designer: Brain Controlled Lights
Using the Muse and an Arduino, I created a BCI prototype for 1:1 Concerts, Germany, 2021

Experience Designer: CONNECTED – a BCI/VR meditation app, prototyped at xr Creators LAB Munich, 2018

Creative Director: Meet ArtQ! – a creative AI by Neureal, High Fidelity, 2019

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