1. Introduction Video

I I did a short introduction video on my background and my endeavors in SocialVR and IRL. I hope you like it and I’d be happy to connect for collaborations or sharing of ideas on VR, AI, BCI, Blockchain, Technology in general and DigitalArt in particular!

Introduction Video: XaosPrincess, 2021

2. 3D Modeling

I use VR design tools like Gravity Sketch or Tiltbrush to model 3D assets like avatars, avatar attachments or virtual environments.


3D Modeling: XaoS’ Blockchain Collection, High Fidelity, 2018

3. Virtual Reality Video Production

Using HTC Vive trackers for full body tracking, I produce movies, VLogs and livestreams in virtual reality.


Video Essay: Living the Future in Social VR, Tivoli Cloud VR, 2021

Presentation Video: Tivoli Cloud VR at VRDAYS Amsterdam, 2020

VR Video Production: “IRMA” in the interactive movie The Killer Call, 2020

Social VR Entertainment – Host: The Last Avatar Standing Show, High Fidelity, 2018

VLog: XaoS’ VR LOG, High Fidelity, 2017

Short Film: The Purple Pill, High Fidelity, 2017

4. Social VR Event Production

I produce social VR events on a variety of platforms.


HiFiBurn on High Fidelity, 2018

5. Social VR Entertainment

I host and participate in social VR entertainment events.


Social VR Entertainment – Portrait: XR Creators Meetup “Pioneers” #6, Zen Republic, 2021

Social VR Entertainment – Portrait: Fashion Forward – VR Clothing Design, High Fidelity, 2017

Social VR Entertainment – Contestant: VR Talent Show, High Fidelity, 2017

6. Custom VR Experience Production

I produce custom VR experiences for real life events.


Custom VR Experience: Video Greetings from VR, Landshut Short Film Festival, 2019

Custom VR Experience: Social VR Panel Talk, Zuendfunk Net Congress Munich, 2017

7. Conference Speaker & Lecturer

I give talks at various conferences and host lectures on VR and the metaverse.


IFS – Internationale Filmschule Koeln, 2022
Hochschule Fresenius – University of Applied Sciences, 2022
XR Bavaria, 2020/21/22
Virtual Germany, 2020/21/22
VRDAYS Amsterdam, 2020/21
AWE, 2021
SXSW, 2021
Virtual Reality Day, 2020
Zuendfunk Net Congress Munich, 2017

Presentation: Education & Science Community, NEOS, 2022

Panelist: Educators in VR, Altspace, 2021

Panel Host: Web XR Design Summit, 2021

8. Publishings

I am available for interviews and also publish myself.


NZZ, Eva Wolfangel, 2021
Chatbots Life, 2021

9. Combining Technologies

I love to combine virtual reality with different emerging technologies
like brain-computer interfaces or artificial intelligence.


Project Lead: QUANTUM BAR – serving engaging AI conversations in social VR –
powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI
MA “Digital Narratives” Thesis Project at IFS – Internationale Filmschule Koeln
NEOS, 2022

Experience Designer: Brain Controlled Lights
Using the Muse and an Arduino, we created a BCI prototype for 1:1 Concerts
and presented the final version on the Munich Science & Fiction Festival, 2021

Creative Director: Meet ArtQ! – a creative AI by Neureal, High Fidelity, 2019

Experience Designer: CONNECTED – a BCI/VR meditation app, prototyped at xr Creators LAB Munich, 2018

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