Christina Kinne aka XaosPrincess graduated from Munich Filmschool in 2006.
She has worked as director, first a.d., producer, editor, set designer, photographer and journalist, and has directed more than ten movies, including one of Europe’s first live-action 3D-films – “Delusion-3D” (2008).
After her parental leave Christina Kinne found a new creative home in Virtual Reality. Using software like Gravity Sketch or Tilt Brush she designs 3D models for VR in VR.
Christina Kinne has produced and hosted a variety of Virtual Reality events.
As evangelist she also likes to promote VR in real life – be it by screening live VR content to a RL audience or by producing educational videos.
In July 2020 Christina Kinne joined Tivoli Cloud VR as CMO and Events Manager to help making the dream of a friendly, creative and inclusive metaverse come true.
Currently she is also pursuing a second MA in “Digital Narratives” at the International Filmschool Cologne.

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