On Saturday, April 25th, 2pm-6pm PDT, we are throwing a LOCKDOWN DANCE PARTY while donating computing power to fight coronavirus

The situation
Currently the whole world is in a state of exception, unsurpassed since the end of WWII 75 years ago. The invisible enemy Covid-19 not only threatens hundreds of thousands of lifes, but also has launched an attack on every country’s economy and healthcare system. 
What makes matters even worse is the fact that the only means we have to prevent the worst from happening is a complete lockdown – a situation that has to drive everyone in their right human mind crazy. 
For several weeks we haven’t been allowed to meet each other, let alone touch each other. But it’s especially this power of human connection which has the ability to heal the deepest of wounds. “A problem shared is a problem halved.” and that’s why in times of crisis people always gather to find peace in the presence of each other. Yet now coming together is the one action that serves as the most powerful fuel for the evil virus. 

We are hosting a LOCKDOWN DANCE PARTY in VR
We – a group of chummy artists and coders who met in social VR – want to put a direly needed end to social distancing, while still keeping each other safe from the viral threat. 
In order to do so, we have built a virtual rave club, where we hope to welcome a massive crowd on April 25th to dance to KREOLISelectro tunes, let off some steam at our virus shooting gallery, or just chat and flirt at the quieter areas around the dance floor, all of which can be accessed in VR as well as in desktop mode. 

Thanks to our generous sponsor TIVOLI CLOUD VR
We want to pack our club with a surge of people! 
Since it’s of most importance for us to enable attendees to finally enjoy the feeling of being part of a crowd again, our LOCKDOWN DANCE PARTY will run on the High Fidelity metaverse engine, which is currently the only technical solution able to host up to 500 fully tracked avatars in one non-instanced space, while still delivering naturalistic spatial audio. 
Whilst this technical aspect of our endeavor is relatively easy to handle, there still have been some challenges on the financial side. In order to host more than 50 avatars we need an extremely powerful server, something which unfortunately cannot be rented on a budget just for a couple of days. 
TIVOLI CLOUD VR is an auspicious start up which is going to release its own version of a spatialized metaverse in Q3, and they have been so kind to provide us with the badass cloud server power we need. Thank you so much TIVOLI CLOUD VR! 

Donating computing power to fight coronavirus
While we intend our party to be a relieving, virtual remedy for the emotional distress of social isolation, we have also been searching for ways to contribute to the recovery of our physical world. And once again TIVOLI CLOUD VR has come to help us with a very charitable offer: 
When the LOCKDOWN DANCE PARTY is over, their server will continue to run! 
For every person attending the party, we are  going to donate $10 in cloud computing power to fight coronavirus via the distributed computing project FOLDING@HOME which is researching Covid-19 in order to create a vaccine and drugs to restrain the pandemic. 

Follow these steps to join the LOCKDOWN DANCE PARTY on April 25th:
– Download and install the client for your OS
– If you are familiar with High Fidelity, fire up the interface
and type "xaos.tivolicloud.com" into the GOTO
– If not, activate this link in your browser window: hifi://xaos.tivolicloud.com
which will start the interface
– On the login screen click on "take me inworld!" in the bottom right corner
to arrive on location in our club’s cloakroom where you can choose your avatar
– Toggle between the modes by pressing Ctrl 1 for desktop and Ctrl 2 for VR
– Have fun and dance the cabin fever away
while channeling cloud computing power to Covid-19 research

Minimum system requirements:
– OS: Windows 10, 64-bit / MacOS High Sierra (10.13)
– CPU: Intel i5 equivalent or greater
– RAM: 8GB+
– GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 equivalent or greater
– Internet Connection:  20 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload
– tethered HMD for VR

We’re looking forward to donate & dance with you!

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